The Robot Garden

Hear how young people program robot gardeners using enchanting and LEGO MINDSTORMS. You can even have a go yourself!
Claire Rocks

Have you ever wondered where the food you eat is grown? Or how we might continue to provide sufficient amounts as the world’s population rises? Studies suggest that the world will need twice as much food by 2050 which will place significant pressures on farmers to squeeze more out of the land. All this means rethinking how we farm. What if we could give each plant exactly the right amount of everything it needed? We'd maximise yield but not waste any resources. Easy you say? Is it, when some farms can cover thousands of hectares? The answer... robots! Over the summer the authors have been piloting The Robot Garden, an activity for use at Key Stage 3 and 4 to engage students with current topics in robotics research but also with the underpinning computer science. Come along, program the robot gardeners (using LEGO MINDSTORMS robots programmed with Enchanting - based on Scratch) and hear about the successes and challenges we faced. Workshop spaces are limited to 24.



Wizard Boy
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