Poppet Show - Scratch, Puppet, Sensors, Music and Audience

Using rhythms and sounds, the audience will create music for the 'Poppet Show'. At of the show they will be the performers.
Yasushi Harada

In the Scratch@MIT 2010 conference, we demonstrated a workshop environment in which analog media, Japanese traditional tools and digital technology including Scratch were incorporated for the participants to collaboratively create new meanings.  In the Scratch@MIT 2012, we developed this workshop by incorporating “Poppet”, a puppet play inspired by Japanese traditional “Bunraku” in which not only the puppets but also the performers, “Kuroko” are visible ingredients of the drama.
In the Scratch@Barcelona 2013, we’ll develop this workshop further so that the participants will collaborate to create music during a “Poppet show”. The puppet will interact with virtual character in an interactive Scratch project with sensors (nanoboard, kinect) and by incorporating live images and sounds.
We would like to demonstrate that the gap between the “High Ceiling” and “Low Floor” in Scratch can be bridged, by making high-quality expressions in the real world accessible to beginners and young children.



Wizard Boy
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