Building and programming a small robot with Scratch for Arduino

An introduction to S4A, building a small robot, controlled by the computer keyboard
Victor Casado

By using Scratch for Arduino (S4A) it is easy to interact with the real world through an Arduino board. In this workshop we will build a small robot that can be driven with the computer keyboard. All motors, wheels and wires, as well as the Arduino board and the robot will be provided.

Programming the robot is going to be very easy, as S4A is based on Scratch, a tool you most probably already know.

S4A provides Scratch with some new pieces, allowing the programmer to interact with Arduino boards, use sensors and actuators (like motors) and other electronic components.

If we have the time we will also provide the robot with indicator LEDs and obstacle sensors, and maybe even try to drive it from an Android mobile phone.



Wizard Boy
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