Scratch Eguna: from Scratch Day to Scratch Every Day

Bringing computer programming into primary schools
Pablo Garaizar
Koldo Olaskoaga

Over the last years, Scratch community has grown tremendously worldwide. Undoubtedly, the Scratch Day initiative has a key role in the popularization of Scratch. However, a one-day effort is often not enough to create a local community. With this concern in mind, we designed Scratch Eguna, an educational project aimed to bring Scratch into primary schools in an innovative way.

Scratch Eguna is sequenced throughout the school year in various stages. First, spreading the initiative. Second, training school teachers. Third, mentoring the work of student teams at schools. Finally, the Scratch Eguna, a science fair where young programmers of 5th and 6th grades share their Scratch knowledge and provide live demos of their work in a non-competitive environment.

Scratch Eguna places the emphasis on the children. Through a learner-centered approach, enables children to lead their own learning process. Considering Scratch knowledge naivety of school teachers, they adopt the role of facilitators, fostering self-learning processes in their students. This approach has been tested over the last three years with very positive results. Consequently, the Scratch community of the Basque Country is bigger than ever and some of the schools are considering to develop programming skills as a part of their curricula. Moreover, Scratch Eguna has been endorsed by the Institute of Educational Technologies and Teachers Training of Spain with the "Best Practices 2.0" award.
Our aim is to continue improving the Scratch Eguna’s methodology to engage more and more people in this participative learning approach. Therefore, this year we will invite students from the 1st Stage of Secondary School to take part in Scratch Eguna in order to show new ways of using Scratch to younger participants. From our perspective, fostering teamwork, creativity, and interest in research are the most valuable outcomes of Scratch Eguna, and we firmly believe our future society will take advantage from them.


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