Playing Scratch with Multiple Hands : a Five-year Experience

The Junior Studio learning environment to support sharing and collaboration
Samir Saidani

Five years ago, we have started an initiative called Junior Studio. The Jr Studio is a learning environment based on live sharing and creating collaboratively, inspired by Pixar Studio innovative management and designed to be lived as a just-in time learning experience. The initiative is organized in video games and cartoons creation week trainings, 10 hours by session for the younger ones, 30 hours for the older ones (more than 14 year's old). To date, more than hundred young people have attented the Jr Studio trainings, essentially based in Paris, with the collaboration of the Pompidou Center, and Simon Lefranc Youth and Cultural Center. In this presentation, we will explain how each training is managed, the way we let young people deal with project management, the free software educational workflow we are using, and show some videos of the way young people connect to their environment. We will propose at the end some improvements to Scratch when used intensively for team projects.