Adventures with Scratch in School

Andrew Murphy

******** NOTE: SESSION CANCELLED *********
Scratch was designed with informal learning environments in mind, but also has huge potential in the education system. As a result of this potential it could and should be used widely in schools. However as a primary school teacher in the UK, I do not often meet other teachers who have used it or have even heard of it. Part of the problem is getting Scratch to fit into the structure of school, both in ICT classes and in the wider curriculum. How can we make Scratch fit into the structure of school? I have been using Scratch for three years in a UK primary school with children aged between nine and eleven. In all cases the students have enjoyed using Scratch, have been motivated by it and have learnt a lot about computer programming concepts. In this presentation I will discuss my experiences of balancing the open-ended creative nature of Scratch with the structure of a school environment, sharing some of my resources used and the projects created by my students along the way. I will also share my experiences of engaging and encouraging others through my sessions with trainee teachers and meetings with parents and school governors.


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