ScratchBG in Live

A workshop that uses Bulgarian Scratch activities for preschool, primary and SEN learners
Galina Momcheva

The workshop involves participants with some ScratchBG (Scratch community in Bulgaria) practices in various aspects by taking part in different activities:

- Development and dissemination of OER (Open Education Resources) for preschool/primary school/SEN learners (a possible usage of the 'remix' idea by teachers and parents);
- Development of interactive projects for Sciences and Arts with sensors (Lego WeDo, MS Kinect, Moway, Raspberry PI, etc);
- Design and development of interactive storytelling projects and games for STEM and Computer Sciences.

The relations between Scratch and other visual programming languages and environments will be also used (like BYOB, Scratch 2.0, App Inventor, etc).
The activities are suitable examples for PBL (Project-Based) and IBL (Inquiry-Based Learning).
The workshop will have the 'Scratch Day' mood where fun, programming, discovery and sciences are sharing among participants.