International Scratch-Wikis in native languages: World Wide Wikis

Encouraging Scratch communities in native languages using Wikis
Martin Wollenweber
Jonatan Mosner

Scratch and Wikis are a wonderful connection that now gets more international.
After the English Scratch Wiki started independently 2008 like a grassroots movement “By Scratchers for Scratchers”, the Scratch Team saw it and helped to establish it by integrate it in the Scratch website.
The first international "sister-projects" was the DACH-Scratch-Wiki in the German language that started in February 2012 again independentlywith a very active community from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The Scratch Team decided to encourages Scratch communities of other languages to build up their own Wikis and to help them, but also to let them independently.
As authors in both the English and the German Scratch-Wiki and related articles in Wikipedia, the informal German Scratch community found out, how helpful Wikis can be:
• to motivate teenagers, to stay longer with Scratch, and transfer their experience to younger kids and new generations of Scratchers.
• to build up communities of certain languages and connect them to each other
• to learn about MediaWiki and contribute in sharing knowledge worldwide not only related to Scratch but generally
• to build up connected knowledge-platforms for kids, teenagers, students, parents, teachers and scientists
• to make visual programming and so programming itself more popular
If your native language is not English or you are interested in foreign languages, you are invited to found a wiki or contribute in an already existing Scratch Wiki of your native language.
At Scratch Connecting Worlds 2013 in Barcelona we hope to meet other Scratch-Wiki-authors and admins and to motivate other language communities to build up their native Scratch-Wikis, that could all be linked by Interwiki, like it in Wikipedia.