Expand Your mind by solving difficult mathematical puzzles in Scratch

Sharing the joy of solving puzzles with Scratch
Jelena Hadzi-Puric

Is there any magnificent formula to make mathematics or computing the most liked course in the curriculum?
We have tried hardly and managed to create each lecture as a performance by modulate cognitive load with: games (computer simulations made in Scratch), interactive learning activities (quiz made in Scratch), case discussion (observe and change test case in integrated development environment like Scratch), engage pupils in modeling real-life activities (by creating suitable mathematical models in Scratch) and increase their comfort with information technology. We were delighted because our pupils are capable not just to follow us intensively, but they, also, can be completely devoted and enthusiastic in creating complete framework in Scratch that model tasks from our national competitions in mathematics and computer science and visualize solutions. We have applied Scratch project as supporting teaching material even in courses that deal with operating systems and computer networks. Also, we are honored that our complete localization of user interface is used in Serbian high-schools and faculties.


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