Inspiring kids with Scratch without being a geek

How its possible to influence change in schools by introducing Scratch
Sue Gray

This is a story about a personal journey of how I, as someone with no computing background, helped my school go from nowhere to an Outstanding rating by Ofsted in our computing curriculum - and how Scratch was a fundamental part of making that happen.

This 10 minute presentation covers:
* How we introduced Scratch as part of a code club and the excitement that generated.
* How we built on that excitement by entering a regional coding competition, organised by the newly formed Computing At School group.
* How Scratch has been as excellent tool for group learning, where pupils teach pupils and girls as well as boys can catch the bug.

Most of all though, Scratch has helped us fire up the imaginations of the young people in our school and left them wanting to do more with and learn more about computers. Scratch has transformed my lessons from "Learn about Microsoft." to "What are we going to build today?" and I'd love the opportunity to share that with you.