Transforming K-12 Computer Science: The Beauty and Joy of Computing

The Beauty and Joy of Computing Course
Dan Garcia
Brian Harvey
Jens Mönig

The Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC) was chosen as one of the initial
pilots for a new Advanced Placement high school course to be
introduced in 2015. (Advanced Placement courses allow students to earn
college credit or placement if they do well on the final exam.) The
purpose of this course is to attract nontraditional computing students
(especially women and minorities, but also non-STEM majors) to the
breadth and depth of ideas in modern computer science. The United
States National Science Foundation wants to prepare 10,000 new high
school computer science teachers to teach the new AP course by 2015
(the "CS10K" effort). We will each share our perspective on the course,
explaining the curriculum, results from teaching this for several years,
and talk about the development of "Snap!" (Build Your Own Blocks), a
graphical programming environment based on MIT's Scratch that we use.