Tunisian delegation

Scracth2013bcn is about connecting worlds. We're pleased to see that at least nine members of a Tunisian Scratch community will join us. 

Jens Mönig

Jens @moenig (attorney, lawyer) is an awesome guy you can meet at Scratch Connecting Worlds. A family man with office in his garden works as both attorney and software developer for mioSoft. In between he consistently finds time to develop Snap! formerly known as BYOB or Build Your Own Blocks (and before that Chirp). It is a Scratch variant in use at universities worldwide. E.g. to teach the course The beauty and joy of computing at Berkeley. Jens and Scratch, it's kind of a love story, well documented since 2008.

David Cuartielles

Please have a look at an interview with David Cuartielles last month at last month Maker Faire. On his website he claims to be both PhD candidate and Research Fellow at Malmo University, he rounds the globe a few times a year, and he will talk open hardware and education at Scratch Connecting Worlds.


Among the speakers at #scarcth2013bcn you'll find: Alberto Barbero *  Ana Rita Assunção Teixeira *  Andrew Csizmadia *  Andrew Murphy *  Andrew Sula *  Barbara Manchee *  Boris Susanj *  Brian Harvey *  Carles Soler *  Champika Fernando *  Christophe Thomas*  Claire Rocks *  Clare McInerney *  Clive Beale *  Connor Hudson *  Dan Garcia *  Daniel Cuartielles *  David Hellam *  Drew Buddie *  Eduard Muntaner Perich *  Elena Merino *  Eugeni Catalán *  Ferran Mas *  Frank Sabaté *  Galina Momcheva *  Genevieve Smith-Nunes *  Jaan Ubi *  Jacob Weinbren *  Jelena Hadzi-Puric *  Jeremy Scott *  Jesús Arbués García del Moral *  Joao Orvalho *  Joek van Montfort *  Jon Bustillo *  Jordi Freixenet *  José Luís Ramos *  José Manuel Sáez López *  Karen Brennan *  Margaret Low *  Mariona Niell Colom *  Martin Wollenweber *  Miguel Ângelo Figueiredo *  Mine Dogucu *  Mitch Resnick *  Olav-Andreas Marschall *  Pablo Garaizar *  Peter W Donaldson *  Piotr Bała *  Prof. Dr. Eckart Modrow *  Ricardo Pedrol *  Rocio Lara *  Ronit Ben-Bassat Levy *  Rory McGann *  Rubén del Río *  Rui Miguel Sousa *  S. Carmin Karasic *  Samantha Edwards *  Samir Saidani *  Samuel Foster *  Sayamindu Dasgupta *  Shuchi Grover * Stephen Howell *  Sue Gray *  Teresa Martinho Marques *  Tim Radvan ~blob8108 *  Tom Lauwers *  Tomohito Yashiro *  Tyson Spraul *  Uwe Geisler *  Vanessa Perez *  Vânia Ramos *  Vera De Leon *  Victor Casado *  Wolfgang Slany *  Xabier Basogain Olabe *  Yasushi Harada *  Yoshiro Miyata *  Zulfu Genc


Scratchday 2013

Scratchday 2013 was celebrated at 180 events in 45 countries.

Mitch Resnick and Karen Brennan, who will open #scarcth2013bcn, invited you to celebrate Scratch Day 2013, Saturday May 18th.

Brian Harvey

At Berkeley they allready announced his last lecture. We know better. we're very happy that Brian Harvey will come to Barcelona and participate in this confrence.


Registration is easy. We're connecting worlds!

There are about 100 reasons to visit. So the € 150 will set you back about a cup of coffee per presentation / workshop / happening, local price! If you're familiar with paying three bucks for coffee, or are heavily backed by your employer, we don't mind you choose the feel good fare of € 300. If even the lower fare isn't low enough you can ask for a discount coupon (currently available for teachers of Spain, Portugal and Ireland).


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