Social Event Agbar Museum


Friday night we're gathering, just around the corner, at the lovely Museu Agbar. It's a century old water facility operated by the local water company Aigües Barcelona. That is, the century old part is a museum on techniques relating to the water supply of Barcelona, elsewhere on the premises modern equipment is taking care of nowadays needs.

We can visit the museum and have a chat in the park. Food and beverages proudly sponsored by Ro-Botica, thank you! Ro-Botica is present at the conference as they will launch the new LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3. 


Live webcast

The plenary sessions of Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be streamed live. Six keynote speakers (and more) for the world to follow.

Check out Citilab TV

Citilab getting ready

A 4 meter (13 feet) high Scracth cat is awaiting you ...

David Hellam

David Hellam has taught with Scratch around the globe. He's still working on his skills, will present in Barcelona and let Google pay for his training :-)

Xabier Basogain Olabe

Xabier Basogain Olabe will share his experiences collaborating with Schools of Education in Spain: How to foster the use Scratch in schools? Why do we teach the current curriculum? What are Type-A and Type-B problems, and,… Does Scratch have a role in the way of teaching?
Xabier and his team have represented the and portals in the previous four international Scratch conferences.

Fostering the Study of Scratch in Schools of Education through Seminars and Webinars - Scratch2013

Karen Brennan

Karen Brennan has organized the previous four Scarcth conferences and for this one she gave us valuable support in the program committee. Karen will open our conference together with Mitch Resnick. She'll participate in the panel discussion on Scratch communities like the one she started as part of her PhD work, ScratchED.


James Whelton

James Whelton will speak Saturday morning in a plenary session with Shuchi Grover. He's co-founder of CoderDojo, an initiative expanding worldwide where there's just one rule: Be Cool!

James Whelton ran a computer club in his own school and shortly after finishing his leaving Cert teamed up with Angel Investor and XING co-founder Bill Liao in Cork to make Coder Dojo happen.

James says “I quickly saw the massive interest in programming from people my own age, younger and older. When we founded in mid December, we had 40 students show up to the first session, which grew over time. Basic programming and web development was taught, students were taught by other students who’d grasped things faster than others and it was an extremely lively environment.”


A big thank you to Vi Hart, Peter Bradshaw and Edgar Walthert who will bring attendees in hexaflexamood.

Uwe Geisler

Uwe will give a talk on the very basics: zeroes and ones. It's one of his so called Science Shows.

In Germany he spoke in German on a TEDx event

Teresa Marques

Teresa Marques is motor behind the Portuguese Scratch community. She will participate in different roles. Check out het YouTube channel for loads of Scratch movies. I picked the following one which was made on the occasion of MIT Media Labs course Learning Creative Learning.


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