Photo coverage

Steve Holmes covered the conference, see PDF attatched.

Mags Amond shared her memories.

Have a look at our Flickr galleries (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) or checkout Eventifier, we have a youtube channel where your video should be in the list of favourits (send us your links) and we're hoping some attendee has some energy left to Storify the whole thing :-)

The Portuguese EduScratch team shares a photo collection on facebook. And so do the Tech Volunteers from Warwick.

2013 Barcelona, 2014 MIT, 2015 ...


Update: we're going Amsterdam, please join us at Scratch2015AMS!

A little over a year after #scratch2013BCN another Scratch conference was held at MIT Media Lab. Some 400 people from around the world gathered and once again it was an amazing exchange of stories, inspiration, ideas.

A lot of people like a 2015 Scratch conference, but as our community is organized informally we should work things out to let it happen. If you have an idea about a good location, or a theme the conference should focus on, please join the discussion at ScratchED. Visitors of Scratch conference experience an incredible energy boost. Physical laws urge us to put some energy in now.

Keynote sessions

The Scratch conference of 2013 started every day with a plenary session with keynote speakers of world fame. 

Citilab has the recordings:

  • Thursday July 25th Mitch Resnick (MIT) and Karen Brennan (Harvard)
  • Friday July 26th Clive Beale (RaspberryPi) and David Cuartielles (Arduino)
  • Saturday July 27th James Whelton (CoderDojo) and Shuchi Grover (Stanford)

On the Citilab channel you'll also find talks of David Hellam, Wolfgang Slany, Dan Garcia, Juan Carlos Lopes and Carmin Karasic, the plenary discussion on "Supporting Computer Science in Schools" as well as two collections of six ignite talks.

Mitch Resnick at closing session

Next year at MIT, and in the mean time keep working in the spirit of this conference ...

Citilab interviews

The Citilab channel at Youtube at the moment has 10 interesting interviews with participants of scratch2013bcn, among them all keynote speakers.

Robots take the class room

For those of you who missed the presentation, here's a video. And if you don't understand Spanish don't forget to switch on English subtitles.

Happy Birthday Jacob

Today Jacob and his twin sister celebrate their 14th birthday. Jacob presented his experiences running a Scratch Club the last four years! From his presentation two days ago I remember vaguely 

"So this three friends of mine and me started to search for something at the internet (... back then in 2009 ...). We soon noticed that Scratch was all the rage, so we decided to start a Scratch club."

I introduced Jacob with a misspelled name, gives me the chance to give him a second url. Congratelations Jacob, well done! Connecting worlds is also about connecting generations.


Connor Hudson

During the presentation we had a little problem with the following video. Amazing work he's doing with Snap and the world.


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