About Children attending the conference

We will be happy with children visiting the conference but have to state that neither Citilab nor Scratchweb.nl can take responsibilty. Accompanying parents or supervisors allways are responsible. Think about visiting a museum with kids, you stay with them or you make a clear agreement with them where it is uo to you what's regarded as clear. That being said: We think Citilab is a pretty, nice and safe environment and we will provide a Scarcther area where kids can tinker. They can even play outside on place next to the terrace of the bar.

Some people asked if we could provide baby sit service. We can't, but the people at Citilab think they may find somebody who can take care. Anyone from Barcelona area knowing about somebody who wants to run a kindergarten at Citilab?

We ask all attendees to only take pictures of children present with the explicit approval of the kids supervisor.