Computing at School

Computing At School is delighted to sponsor the Connecting Worlds Scratch Conference 2013.

Computing At School brings together over 4000 people (teachers, academics, IT professionals, parents etc) from the UK all of whom are passionate about seeing computer science taught effectively in our schools.  We have been involved in the development of the new Computing programme of study for the national curriculum for England and Wales that comes into effect in September 2014. The programme of study  includes a significant amount of computer science for both primary and secondary schools.

Many of our teachers are using Scratch to support the learning and understanding of computer science in their classrooms and with good reason.  Scratch has lowered the floor for entry into developing an understanding of computer science through programming but retains enough constructs to maintain a very high ceiling for what can be achieved through its use.  We look forward to both being able to share with you what we have achieved and bringing back other examples of good practice to share with our colleagues in the UK.

Simon Humphreys, National Coordinator Computing At School